Job Openings

Director of Spanish Distance Education

Distance Learning Office

工作职责:监督和管理利维尔学院和宝盈集团bbin的西班牙语远程教育项目. Develop and implement a strategy to provide quality course offering in the Spanish Distance Education programs; recruit faculty to teach in the programs; develop undergraduate and graduate curriculums; build student body for the Spanish undergraduate and graduate programs; recruit strategic partners for the programs; advise students and monitor application process; hire and manage staff and daily operations of the program; maintain website; serve as Contract Instructor for Spanish Language courses; collaborate with Associate VP, students, alumni, faculty, administration, other educational institutions, churches and associations. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Masters degree in Theological Education, plus 12 months Ministerial or Church related experience. Fluent in Spanish speaking, reading and writing required. HOURS OF WORK PER WEEK: 40 hours per week, M-F, 9-5 工地地址:3939 Gentilly Blvd,新奥尔良,LA 70126 SEND RESUMES: Cory Barnes at or 3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126

ITC Helpdesk Team Member

Information Technology Center

ITC帮助台团队成员作为宝盈APP登录的第一个联络点, 通过电话和电子邮件寻求技术援助的教职员工. 团队成员与IT团队一起创建服务请求, assists with troubleshooting, provides Tips & Tricks training and communication for the ITC department. 有兴趣兼职IT服务台团队成员的个人,请填写校园申请表,并将其提交给创新科技署或人力资源部门.

Network Assistant

Information Technology Center

网络助理与网络管理员一起工作,负责诊断, maintenance, and support of the campus networks. 网络助理为最终用户提供有关网络连接的技术支持和故障排除协助, security, system backups and virus protection. 该职位还需要与其他技术专家一起解决硬件和软件问题,以支持NOBTS技术的最终用户. 这个职位可以是兼职(28小时)或全职(40小时).

Database Administrator Assistant

Information Technology Center

数据库管理员助理将协助管理神学院的宝盈APP登录信息系统,并支持应用程序的最终用户. Part-time (28 hours) or full-time (40 hours) are available.

Recreation Staff

Recreation Center

Recreation Staff ensures our members have a clean, safe, and organized environment, as well as, helping with organizing and working sporting events. Job responsibilities include: checking in and out members, cleaning and organizing Recreation Center equipment, 清洁和组织娱乐中心的不同区域, helping with intramural and sporting events, along with any other request of the Recreation Director. 申请人必须在工作日的REC时间内工作 & occasional Saturday shift, able to work during the academic school year, and must be able to lift 15-45 lbs. Preferably, applicants should be 18 years or older, able to work morning and/or afternoon shift, have some customer service and recreation/sports experience.


Providence Guest House

This is a part-time position (28 hours per week). 管家会为普罗维登斯宾馆的客人打扫和宝盈集团bbin房间.


Providence Guest House

普罗维登斯宾馆正在招聘一名兼职夜班接待员. The schedule is an alternating biweekly schedule, 有兴趣的申请者可以通过phdirector@nobts与Linda Jackson联系.edu.

Dispatch Officer

Campus Police

This is a part-time position (24-28 hours per week). 申请人必须年满18岁,并持有有效的驾驶执照. Responsibilities include taking calls for service, dispatching the Patrol Officer to calls for service, signing in guests at the guardhouse, enforcing laws and school policies on campus, and working special events on campus. 申请人应能熟练使用枪械或愿意学习.

Camera Officer

Campus Police

This is a part-time position (18-28 hours per week). 申请人必须年满18岁,并持有有效的驾驶执照. 职责包括:在营业时间监视摄像机, 基本的计算机技能(熟悉微软应用程序和Windows导航), assisting with Campus Police duties, and working special events on campus. 申请人应能熟练使用枪械或愿意学习.

Patrol Officer

Campus Police

This is a full-time student position. Applicants must be able to work 40 hours a week. 申请人必须年满18岁,并持有有效的驾驶执照. 巡警负责驾驶校园警车在校园巡逻, responding to calls for service, and responding to emergency situations. 所有校园警察都要协助完成额外的任务, including special events on campus. 巡逻人员在执勤时必须携带枪支,并且应该能够自如地使用枪支或愿意学习.



The Operations Department is seeking a full-time plumber.

HVAC Technician


The Operations Department is seeking an HVAC Technician.



这是一个季节性的兼职职位,需要外出工作和更新证书. You must receive and maintain certification in Lifesaving, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid during the duration of employment. 如果你承诺整个夏天都为我们工作,这些认证的费用是可以报销的. 你将在夏天在户外工作,所以当天气炎热时,你将会轮班. 你必须诚实地了解和执行泳池规则,并成为顾客和其他救生员的榜样. 该职位将向泳池经理和娱乐生活协调员汇报.

Financial Aid Specialist

Financial Aid

财政援助专员协助财政援助主任处理和颁发奖学金, including NOBTS internal scholarships, outside foundation scholarships, and state scholarship programs. 经济援助专员还与第四章协调员一起处理和授予佩尔助学金. In addition to these primary responsibilities, 该职位协助财务援助办公室的日常运作. 申请人应该能够与各种软件程序的工作, 完成各种州和联邦项目的培训并保持证书, 并了解办公室的政策和程序,以协助员工和宝盈APP登录. 这个职位需要很强的客户服务和沟通技巧, 因为员工将定期与宝盈APP登录和家庭互动. This position is a full-time, 40 hour per week position.

Financial Aid Assistant

Financial Aid

财务援助助理主要负责财务援助前台的日常工作. 这个角色是财务援助办公室沟通的第一线. 职责包括亲自协助宝盈APP登录和家长, over the phone, and through email with general financial aid information. 该职位还负责扫描和记录经济援助文件, processing financial aid mail, and logging documents such as scholarship thank you notes. 在这些职责之外,财务援助助理还会根据办公室的需要帮助完成其他季节性任务. 这个职位需要很强的客户服务和沟通技巧, 因为员工将定期与宝盈APP登录和家庭互动. This position is a part-time, 20 hour per week position.

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